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Hi I'm Hannah, founder of Flying Fish studio.

I facilitate art workshops for both children and adults, using a wide variety of media, including felt, glass, lino, wax and metal.

At the studio, my focus is on individuals’ well-being and their enjoyment of the creative experience.

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Montessori principles & a beautiful environment

Overlooking Endcliffe Park, Flying Fish studio is a beautiful space, created with relaxation, playfulness and freedom at its heart. Children and adults have independent access to the materials and tools that they need, with a child-height sink being installed to ensure this. 

Sheffield artwork adorns the walls in a range of media and styles. Local artwork includes pieces created by Anya Uhren, Nick Hunter, Carrie Twist, Samantha Groom, Claire Lee and Keith Jaques.

Then we have our "moving piece of art" . . .

Having been trained in Montessori education, I know the value of taking a step back and letting the creator create. Saying this, I will, of course, provide a helping hand, but without interfering! 

To learn more about the Montessori-based principles that I use at Flying Fish studio, please click here: