Example Workshops

leaf print lino smaller section square.jpg

Printmaking: Foam Printmaking (left) and Linocutting (right). We create or design from foam or Lino and then use a professional printing press to transfer our design onto card. You can even make a whole series of cards if you allow enough time! These can then be made into cards or framed at home. For this workshop, I would recommend wearing clothes which you don't mind getting stained! It's rare that people do get ink on their clothes - but if you do, they stain permanently.

quilled box.jpg

Quilling: We roll thin strips of quilling paper and experiment with creating lots of different shapes. This is the most 'fiddly' of the workshops but, as with all of the others, you can create beautiful pieces of art. You can either use your quilled pieces on a pearlised gift box (this is provided as part of the workshop) or you can create a picture from your quilled pieces over card.

Recommended for older children (10+) and adults

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Needle felting - golden circle.JPG

Felting: Wet felting (left) and Needle felting (right) both involve using dyed sheep’s wool. We use beautiful colours and they’re lovely in terms of working with texture. The wet felting workshop requires more physical work - lots of rolling of wool so a fair amount of arm exercise!

'Do what makes your soul shine' coaster.JPG

Fused Glass Coaster: With the glass fusing, we use glassline pen. We start by drawing out a plan of our design and then we go onto drawing it with our ‘pen’ onto the glass to make a coaster. The glass piece is then fired in my studio’s kiln and is ready to collect from the studio within the week. 

copper embossing.jpg

Copper embossing involves using a sheet of copper foil and pressing into it using a 'pen-type' implement (without the ink). This creates depth and patterns in the foil. You can create either one larger piece or a few smaller pieces out of this.