During our homeschooling sessions, your children will experience and practise a wide variety of artistic techniques and learn to express themselves through the creative process.

Having been trained in Montessori education, I understand the importance of “following the child”, by recognising and engaging in what they enjoy and get enthused by. I show the children certain techniques and then I act as the facilitator. 

See here for the Montessori-based principles that I use:

Involvement in the arts is a key part of any child’s education, with growth in confidence, resilience and decision-making. In addition, through the arts, children discover figurative forms of communication, such as symbolism and metaphor. Art can also allow for the development of fine motor skills in young children. 

Examples of what I can offer  . . . 

       -   Needle Felting

       -  Wet Felting

       -  Printmaking (using Lino or foam depending on age and size of group)

       -  Quilling

       -  Fused Glass

I can also work with you to adapt activities to suit your children’s individual needs.

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Cost: 1 hour £40 for up to 4 people (+ £10 per extra child) OR

1.5 hours £60 for up to 4 people (+ £10 per extra child) OR

2 hours £70 for up to 4 people (+ £10 per extra child)

Included in the price: a wonderful selection of art materials, specialist equipment and tuition, all within a beautiful arts studio. Children are also free to use any of the materials provided on the art shelves . . . it’s a little treasure trove!

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss any of this further.

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Dr Maria Montessori

"If children are allowed free development and given occupation to correspond with their unfolding minds their natural goodness will shine forth."