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Hi I'm Hannah, founder of Flying Fish studio.

I facilitate art workshops for both children and adults, using a wide variety of media, including felt, glass, lino, wax and metal.

At the studio, my focus is on individuals’ well-being and their enjoyment of the creative experience.

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Montessori principles & a beautiful environment

Overlooking Endcliffe Park, Flying Fish studio is a beautiful space, created with relaxation, playfulness and freedom at its heart. Children and adults have independent access to the materials and tools that they need, with a child-height sink being installed to ensure this. 

Sheffield artwork adorns the walls in a range of media and styles. Local artwork includes pieces created by Anya Uhren, Nick Hunter, Carrie Twist, Samantha Groom, Claire Lee and Keith Jaques, amongst many others . . .

Then we have our "moving piece of art" . . .

Having been trained in Montessori education, I know the value of taking a step back and letting the creator create. Saying this, I will, of course, provide a helping hand, but without interfering! 

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